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History of Nick Scott
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Nick Scott - Fitness Expert 

Although Nick is a Fitness icon who is known in the bodybuilding world for his expertise and dedication, he is continually working on his education. Despite the fact that his body already speaks for itself, he is working to attain multiple certifications in the fitness world such as:

  • Master Trainer Certification
  • Elite Trainer Certification I
  • Elite Trainer Certification II
  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Certification
  • Fitness / Exercise Therapy Certification
  • Senior Fitness Certification
  • Youth Fitness Certification
  • Strength and Conditioning Certification

In 2007, he created a website that would help to train others and offer a wide range of programs. He is also the only trainer in the world to have come up with programs that have workouts specifically for the disabled. Most trainers turn down those in wheelchairs, as they are afraid they may hurt or injure themselves. Sometimes, it may also be because they do not have the expertise to deal with people in wheelchairs. For these trainers, disabled people present a major challenge. However, for Nick, it is something that he lives with every day. He has been in a wheelchair all of his adult life and he has learned to accept himself. Not only that, Nick has excelled at it.

Nick has been in a wheelchair all of his adult life. He has become a professional bodybuilder while still on a wheelchair. This has provided him with a unique perspective that few others can share. He is well educated and his programs speak for themselves. All you have to do is check his body to confirm that they work. He has a passionate drive to excel in the sport and provide an opportunity for others to make it in the sport as well.

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