Take A Stand Against Bullying

Every child deals with peer pressure. Let’s face it: Even for those prepared to deal with its ongoing instigation, the re-enforcement of independence in youth is of high importance. Nick knows the children can do it. Let’s encourage them to think for themselves.

When we, together, block the external taunts and gestures of “I can’t” and self-doubt, a powerful stream of positive energy is released.

And Nick is always overwhelmed by the audacity of children’s imagination when it’s set free. You will be amazed also. There is a lot to learn from them, but only if they knew about this unseen power and the importance it holds in their lives. Nick is here to release it, and his story is evidence of its unlimited potential.

The process of releasing this security in each child is one that builds confidence, dexterity against challenges and is even followed by good study habits.

Speaking Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Success
  • Diversity
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship

Nick Scott Tells His Story

Nick Scott was an average 16-year old who played on his high school football team and loved athletics. His was the life of any teenager who went to classes and hung out with friends; but that all changed in an instant. An automobile accident turned the normal life into an exceptional life. Miraculously, Nick escaped death once cleared from the twisted metal of his automobile. Nick suddenly found himself paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Years of depression and self-abuse begin Nick’s sometimes painful, but ultimately uplifting story of how he rediscovered his life by learning to look at things through a new lens.

This is the story of one man’s determination to hold tightly to his dreams, his drive to succeed, and his passion for pushing people, including himself, to perform at the optimal level. Audience members will learn how to apply the principles that renewed Nick’s life to enhance their own lives and help those under their care. Nick keeps audience members on the edge of their seats as he engages every person and instills the power to achieve dreams. His trials and errors earn him the top ranking in fitness coaching and motivational speaking. How is Nick’s presentation different from others? Nick knows more than anyone else does; there are no excuses. There are no excuses for giving up or quitting.

Motivating Millions

Nick Scott brings his motivational talent, charismatic style and his incredible story to speaking engagements worldwide. At 16-years old, Nick was involved in a tragic automobile accident that took his mobility and almost consumed his spirit. The young man settled in depression for several years and was borderline suicidal. The day Nick Scott decided to do something to improve his life is the day the world gained a dynamic, passionate motivating voice.

Seeking Wisdom

Nick lets students know that education is the most important tool to achieve their dreams and future.

“Education is like raindrops, which are precious and can provide immediate results. Only the blades of grass that catches rain will grow and prosper. Blades of grass untouched by life wither and die.”

On Overcoming Obstacles

It’s important that students understand the nature of opposition. Students who deal with it see it a negative force when, in fact, it isn’t.

Here is when Nick Scott encourages children to live with failure. It’s the only way to eventually find the success of a lifetime. If he wasn’t bound by a triumphant story of success in a wheelchair, none of the millions touched by his charm and story would have much to benefit from.


  • CEO / President / Founder Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.
  • Global Promoter of Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Master Trainer – ISSA
  • Award-Winning Actor
  • Published Author
  • Real Estate Investor

Making Right Choices

Students will learn what efficient decision-making is also. During his world-renowned presentation, Nick leads children through exercises in making decisions that put them in places they don’t understand. He then leads them through decision-making exercises in circumstances they prefer.

Knowing the dynamic behind making good decisions is important and a great exercise for students. They also have a lot of fun at this point.


Self-Esteem and Pride

Students develop pride in their accomplishments as they build more self-esteem through achieving meaningful goals. Completing targeted exercises, affirmations of self-value and more difficult problems progressively gives students a sense of value and the right method to nurture it.

Self-Respect and Respect for Others

Students define respect as it pertains to their school environment and demonstrate self-respect through interactions with peers and administration. Diplomacy is exhibited through interactive exercises in teamwork and decision-making in this area.

Courage to Continue Education and Reach Goals

Students demonstrate methods to relieve stress and focus on educational goals instead. Demonstrations of their courage come in setting goals for the future. They will begin working to reach goals quickly and measure progress through a series of benchmark exercises.


The Youngest Student and Their Importance

Nick Scott speaks to students at a level they understand and appreciate. Interacting with students comes easily to Nick because they “get” him.

Students rarely comprehend the impact they have in personal friendships, however. They underestimate the value they bring to society and how important their visions are for the future. We must resolve this.

Visualization exercises in this program help students understand their potential. Purpose and vision taught to young students puts reality into focus. But working to build this knowledge, strength and diplomacy won’t be overwhelming with Nick speaking. He knows the value of their contributions to the next generation. Putting young adults on the right path, armed with the tools they need to move forward, is a trait inherent in Scott.

Learning is Forever

Nick lets students know that their education is the most important tool they have to help achieve their dreams and goals. The youngest student needs to learn methods of overcoming adversity and realize life isn’t always easy.

Challenges are gifted opportunities to learn. Problems are a common thread. Adversity is simply their preparation for greatness. Obstacles only stand to block the way to opportunity.

Nick guides students in creating specific action plans where fulfillment becomes not simply a goal, but the experience of life’s journey. This focus on results produces both achievement and fulfillment in all ages.

Making the Best Decision

Nick Scott made a life-changing decision at the age of 16. It took years for Nick to make his next life-changing decision. Now, he changes lives every day through speaking and interacting with young people who must understand the importance of decisions they make.

Scott teaches the art of decision-making in whole. Nothing is left out. Young people believe decisions have no impact, so they neglect the opportunity to make the right ones. This program will turn that around. Nick speaks to students at a level they appreciate, can easily establishes friendship and rapport.