Discovering the Leader Within You

An organization’s success depends on the full contribution and productivity of each and every employee. Achieving optimal results for your organization requires full engagement of the diverse perspectives which represent your market place as well as your workforce. Engaged teams are the lifeblood of successful organizations. They produce results that far exceed the sum of the individual capacities of their members.

Influence over yourself determines whether you’re fit or overweight, whether you take action or procrastinate, whether you’re a victor or victim. Influence with others determines your effectiveness as a partner, business person and leader. Influence is the ultimate skill in achieving overwhelming success.

Speaking Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Success
  • Diversity
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship

Nick Scott Tells His Story

Nick Scott was an average 16-year old who played on his high school football team and loved athletics. His was the life of any teenager who went to classes and hung out with friends; but that all changed in an instant. An automobile accident turned the normal life into an exceptional life. Miraculously, Nick escaped death once cleared from the twisted metal of his automobile. Nick suddenly found himself paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Years of depression and self-abuse begin Nick’s sometimes painful, but ultimately uplifting story of how he rediscovered his life by learning to look at things through a new lens.

This is the story of one man’s determination to hold tightly to his dreams, his drive to succeed, and his passion for pushing people, including himself, to perform at the optimal level. Audience members will learn how to apply the principles that renewed Nick’s life to enhance their own lives and help those under their care. Nick keeps audience members on the edge of their seats as he engages every person and instills the power to achieve dreams. His trials and errors earn him the top ranking in fitness coaching and motivational speaking. How is Nick’s presentation different from others? Nick knows more than anyone else does; there are no excuses. There are no excuses for giving up or quitting.

Motivating Millions

Nick Scott brings his motivational talent, charismatic style and his incredible story to speaking engagements worldwide. At 16-years old, Nick was involved in a tragic automobile accident that took his mobility and almost consumed his spirit. The young man settled in depression for several years and was borderline suicidal. The day Nick Scott decided to do something to improve his life is the day the world gained a dynamic, passionate motivating voice.

Instill Solid Management and Life Skills in Your Employees

In an uncertain and changing global marketplace, what provides the real competitive advantage for your company? What type of professional development tools and skills will your employees need to ensure your company will not only survive, but thrive?

  • Be a Visionary: When you have a vision, it’s about changing the perspective of things, helping others to stretch themselves a little more to give their best. Embrace your company’s vision. Surround yourself with people who share your vision so they can help you succeed and achieve your goals.
  • Value Time: Time is the most precious commodity you have; it’s the one thing you can’t ever get back and it’s the great equalizer among us all. Don’t you deserve to live with the absolute certainty that you’re getting the most from each moment?

Give Employees a Presentation that Ignites Their Enthusiasm

Our deepest fear is not that we may be inadequate; rather, it is that we may be more powerful than we ever imagined. Nick Scott explains this profound truth, helping your people understand that it is the light within each of us, not the darkness, that we so often turn from in fear. That is tragic because pretending to be smaller than we are does not benefit your company and it does not serve the world.

From the time we were children, we were all meant to shine. Nick will encourage every member of your organization to let their own light shine, because in doing so, they give others permission to shine as well. This important message will liberate audience members from their fears, teach them how to recover quickly from mistakes and failures, and equip them to finish the race as stronger and wiser people. Nick will let your organization know that it is possible to triumph in tough times—as long as we view obstacles as opportunities and harness the incredible strength within us.


  • CEO / President / Founder Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.
  • Global Promoter of Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Master Trainer – ISSA
  • Award-Winning Actor
  • Published Author
  • Real Estate Investor


It’s easy to spot a winning organization. Just look for the company that fully engages its employees’ minds, hearts, and strengths, and you will find a workforce that is both building value every day and leaving the competition behind. Without strong, enlightened leadership, this kind of organizational performance is simply not possible.

Nick Scott will equip your leaders and managers to unleash their own brilliance so that they, in turn, can help employees release theirs. Your organizational leaders will learn to think about the role they play in the company’s success in a new and powerful way. Nick will give them the practical tools they need to focus on key behaviors and the essential organizational ingredients they need to motivate and inspire your team for maximum results.


Nick Scott knows leadership. In this challenging presentation, Nick establishes a connection with the leaders in his audience and renews their enthusiasm for pushing toward—and exceeding—the goals they have set for themselves and their organization. Perfect for association executives, sales professionals, business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, this program will increase listeners’ leadership capacities by teaching them how to focus on the possibilities rather than the challenges, and inspiring them to do the things that are necessary rather than the things that are comfortable. Listeners will also learn how to look for opportunities to develop leadership in others. After learning from Nick, your team members will find themselves on a solid course to becoming unstoppable!


Effective Team Management and the value diversity bring to the team selection

Audience members will demonstrate the ability to select team members who will be most effective in setting, defining and achieving the team’s common goal. Members will seek-out and implement ideas from team members selected throughout the corporate environment.

Change Management

Listeners will show the ability to plan for changes in the future of the corporation through the constructive implementation of known strategies and the creation of new strategies.

Overcome fear in changing global markets

Members of the audience will identify personal fears that keep them from acting on opportunities within the corporation and personally. Through self-inventory and planned exercises, these fears turn positive actions that fuel action and resolution.


Team Building and Team Management

Nick Scott values the team and strives to build the most effective team structure possible. Teams have the ability and power to overcome problems a single person cannot begin to solve. With diverse opinions and experience gained in areas other members have little knowledge of, problem solving and goals a are met easily. Nick is a team leader in his nonprofit Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. Nick provides athletic opportunities for people in communities where the opportunities are not available. Teamwork is the key to promoting awareness throughout these communities and helping people find their dreams. Nick leads effective teams by listening, planning and acting on the ideas of team members who know the people in the communities. Based on the experience and goals of each team, Nick is able to help more people (the disabled, non-disabled, children and adults) find their way to success in athletics.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Nick Scott is the epitome of planning and execution. From the day the spark ignited inside Nick’s soul, his amazing will to succeed proves to all he can and will meet goals. Nick Scott paves the way for wheelchair athletes who want a chance to become professional, sponsored athletes in the world of bodybuilding. Before Nick there was no such achievement anywhere in sports or athletics. Nick decided to open that door himself and through his careful planning and the execution of those plans, Nick is now a sponsored profession athlete, who models, competes and speaks for those sponsors worldwide. Nick continues his education after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. There is no end in sight for this man as once he sets his eye on a goal, he plans and executes without hesitation. No goal is beyond his reach and no goal will go beyond the reach of audiences after they meet Nick Scott.

Personal Growth in the Face of Adversity

Personal growth is a goal Nick Scott continues to achieve with each life event he pursues. Never has Nick allowed a goal to slip away because he was afraid or someone said he could not do it. The more unobtainable a goal seems, the more determination Nick has to reach it and destroy it. He brings the tools and skills to audiences who need to focus on achievement in the face of the unknown. Corporate growth is frightening as the recession slowly slips to the past and decisions continue to see the past as a way to the future. Nick, through his life experience encourages groups to adopt changes knowing the fear will spur them forward, not bring them to a stop.