Innovation, Competency and Teamwork

Many students find the competitive nature of the DECA program intimidating and fail in the programs core objectives because they lack self-esteem. Aggressive marketing and business strategies the organization prepares students for fail to excite members who look forward to careers elsewhere. Training students for leadership goals in an industry they do not understand also drives student interests in other directions. The college level offers more challenges as students want more time for endeavors not involving school or clubs. To instill the importance of learning these skills and the network that will remain available after graduation fails if students do not respect the speaker. Finding a speaker whom the audience believes and respects tops the list of priorities.

Speaking Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Success
  • Diversity
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship

Nick Scott Tells His Story

Nick Scott was an average 16-year old who played on his high school football team and loved athletics. His was the life of any teenager who went to classes and hung out with friends; but that all changed in an instant. An automobile accident turned the normal life into an exceptional life. Miraculously, Nick escaped death once cleared from the twisted metal of his automobile. Nick suddenly found himself paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Years of depression and self-abuse begin Nick’s sometimes painful, but ultimately uplifting story of how he rediscovered his life by learning to look at things through a new lens.

This is the story of one man’s determination to hold tightly to his dreams, his drive to succeed, and his passion for pushing people, including himself, to perform at the optimal level. Audience members will learn how to apply the principles that renewed Nick’s life to enhance their own lives and help those under their care. Nick keeps audience members on the edge of their seats as he engages every person and instills the power to achieve dreams. His trials and errors earn him the top ranking in fitness coaching and motivational speaking. How is Nick’s presentation different from others? Nick knows more than anyone else does; there are no excuses. There are no excuses for giving up or quitting.

Motivating Millions

Nick Scott brings his motivational talent, charismatic style and his incredible story to speaking engagements worldwide. At 16-years old, Nick was involved in a tragic automobile accident that took his mobility and almost consumed his spirit. The young man settled in depression for several years and was borderline suicidal. The day Nick Scott decided to do something to improve his life is the day the world gained a dynamic, passionate motivating voice.

A Speaker Students Respect and Believe

When looking for a speaker to ignite a fire of excitement and anticipation in the future, Nick Scott is the best person for the job. The educational credentials and life experience Nick brings to the audience makes him the perfect motivator. Nick is brutally honest about the future. He knows how one bad decision can alter the path. His burning passion to share the knowledge he has acquired with those on the cusp of life’s journey energizes audiences. Listening to Nick is not an option. Once he is on stage listening becomes a life changing event.

An automobile accident left Nick Scott confined to a wheelchair at the age of 16. Nick’s life was that of a normal high school athlete who thought less of the future than what he would have for dinner. He was a popular student and, like most teenagers, felt immortal. Until the day he almost lost his life and was forced to come to terms with the fact his life would be spent in a wheelchair. Years of depression took away Nick’s athletic build and he saw a bleak future for himself. Always drawing inspiration from athletics, Nick felt a spark of motivation and began kindling that spark into the flame people see as he speaks passionately about his past. Nick paved the way for wheelchair bound athletes and non-athletes as he moved toward and achieved goal after goal. The Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. became Nick’s vision and his vision not only became real, it became Nick’s entry into business ownership. The audience will be on the edge of their seats as they hear the rest of Nick’s story.


  • CEO / President / Founder Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.
  • Global Promoter of Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Master Trainer – ISSA
  • Award-Winning Actor
  • Published Author
  • Real Estate Investor

Nick Scott’s real life examples of success and achievement spark fire in those who hear his voice. Never giving in to a challenge and knowing there are no excuses for quitting gives Nick an edge to push others into doing their best no matter the cause. Competition, ambition and an unquenchable thirst for learning are the concepts Nick’s listeners will learn to keep alive as they travel toward business success.


Courage and Self-Esteem

DECA members will show courage in their preparation for DECA competition, community involvement and plans for the future. They will know their value to the program and to their schools without doubt.

Goal Setting, Education and Career Planning

Audience members will demonstrate advanced goal setting for their personal life, educational future and career path. Students will explain the importance of setting goals and working to achieve them.


Risk Taking: Young adults define the traits of an entrepreneur to identify those traits in themselves. They demonstrate the courage and risk taking personality of business entrepreneurs and work to establish a niche in the business community.


Take Immediate Action

Nick Scott brings DECA members the experience of an entrepreneur. Nick started the Wheelchair Bodybuilding Foundation with the goal of making into an entity open for any disadvantaged or disabled person who seeks athletics as a way to success. Nick speaks with knowledge and enthusiasm to students on their way into the business world. He speaks from the heart, as well, to show audiences the power inside each person. The journey Nick Scott is on opens doors for any who wish to join him. Nick’s program is interactive so the audience, not only hear what he says, they get to experience hands-on applications to ready them for careers in business. Nick earned his Bachelor degree in Business Administration and know how quickly dynamics change. He works with DECA members on creating strategies to handle problems that may occur to impede reaching a goal. The audience learns to take immediate action to avoid losses during unexpected transitions.

There is No Excuse for Quitting

Nick Scott knows the DECA programs are hard and competitions are stressful. Students who do not normally compete find the core objectives of the club hard to achieve. Nick will motivate all the members to continue with the program and give them techniques designed to raise self-esteem. There is no excuse for quitting, Nick tells the story of a man who never quit and all his dreams came to fruition. Nick’s interactive program allows members to practice techniques to build self-esteem and courage. Nick began his journey as a young man who was slowly coming to terms with the accident that left him wheelchair bound. Overweight and depressed, Nick fell-back on his athletic training and began training his body. From the beginning, Nick refused to give up and now he continues Wheelchair Bodybuilding as a sponsored professional. He is also a Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing champion, an author, an award winning actor and CEO / President / Founder of Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. Nick never quit and will not allow others to quit because there is no excuse for quitting.

Building Better Leadership Skills

DECA members are the future of the global business world and Nick Scott’s engaging program takes members through the business plan from idea to profit. He interacts with audiences and allows them to participate in real-life scenarios that teach leadership skills like team management, time management and change management. The program gives insight into strategies Nick uses to adapt to change quickly. He builds confidence in listeners who see a man who never stops trying and meets goals that are set unbelievably high. Nick’s athletic experience combined with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration gives audiences a unique and successful leader to follow. Higher education and continued education along with a healthy body carry DECA members into the future well-armed for success.