Nutritional Education for the Future

FFA students are the future of agriculture in the United States. The education these students receive will have a significant impact on food supplies, and Nick understands that students need motivation to continue their education in agricultural methods. Sustainable farming is the future of agriculture. Overused lands and monoculture practices have devastated countless agricultural regions. Students in sustainable agriculture learn how to rehabilitate these lands, making them fertile once more. They also study organic farming methods to prevent pesticides from poisoning community groundwater.

Nick is an expert in community involvement and incorporating community responsibility into industrial operations. He also comprehends the importance of nutrition in maintaining health, especially for those engaged in physical activities. Nick shares his passion and wealth of knowledge with students, which they can carry into higher education. Nick’s life’s work sets an example of perseverance that no other speaker can bring to the stage.

Speaking Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Success
  • Diversity
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship

Nick Scott Tells His Story

Nick Scott was an average 16-year-old who played on his high school football team and loved athletics. He lived the life of a typical teenager, attending classes and hanging out with friends. However, everything changed in an instant. An automobile accident turned his normal life into an exceptional one. Miraculously, Nick survived the accident and was cleared from the twisted metal of his automobile. He suddenly found himself paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Years of depression and self-abuse marked the beginning of Nick’s sometimes painful but ultimately uplifting story of how he rediscovered his life by learning to see things through a new perspective.

This is the story of one man’s determination to hold tightly to his dreams, his drive to succeed, and his passion for pushing people, including himself, to perform at the optimal level. Audience members will learn how to apply the principles that renewed Nick’s life to enhance their own lives and help those under their care. Nick keeps audience members on the edge of their seats as he engages every person and instills the power to achieve dreams. His trials and errors have earned him the top ranking in fitness coaching and motivational speaking. What sets Nick’s presentation apart? Nick’s knowledge and determination leave no room for excuses. There are no excuses for giving up or quitting.

Motivating Millions

Nick Scott brings his motivational talent, charismatic style, and incredible story to speaking engagements worldwide. At 16 years old, Nick was involved in a tragic automobile accident that took his mobility and almost consumed his spirit. The young man struggled with depression for several years and was borderline suicidal. The day Nick Scott decided to improve his life marked the day the world gained a dynamic, passionate motivating voice.

Nick Scott Sets a Higher Standard for Education

Students are captivated by Nick’s style as he shares his knowledge. His spirit and love for his work shine through as he recounts the struggles of his early years. An automobile accident left Nick Scott confined to a wheelchair at the age of 16, dramatically altering his life. Once an athletic high school student with a bright future, he faced the reality that he would spend his life in a wheelchair. Years of depression took a toll on Nick’s athletic build and his health, making him lose hope for the future. However, a spark of inspiration ignited a path forward, and that spark turned into action. It fueled a fire inside Nick that continues to drive his relentless journey to educate the world.

Since that pivotal moment, Nick has tirelessly worked to turn his dreams into reality. He has achieved more than his initial dreams by pursuing further education and venturing into entrepreneurship. Nick never gives up, and after witnessing Nick in action, students will be inspired to never quit.


  • CEO / President / Founder Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.
  • Global Promoter of Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Master Trainer – ISSA
  • Award-Winning Actor
  • Published Author
  • Real Estate Investor

Education and diversification make Nick a well-rounded speaker who has mastered the subjects he speaks passionately about. These achievements are just a few of the many Nick has tirelessly pursued. This determination is what students need to complete their studies and change the perception of agriculture for the better. Nick Scott single-handedly transformed wheelchair bodybuilding and continues to open new doors for wheelchair athletes worldwide. Nick is changing how students view education and their future by sharing his personal challenges and triumphs. Quitting is never an option.


Focus on Sustainable Farming

Audience members will define sustainable farming as it pertains to the environment, cost-effectiveness, and the future of agriculture. They will also demonstrate a focus on sustainable products in other industries that use natural resources in production.

The Nutritional Impact of Sustainable Agriculture

Group members will share the benefits of sustainable farming and organic farming. They will explain how the body reacts to pesticides and gain the knowledge to prepare organic compounds for fertilizing foods.

Program Development

Individuals will demonstrate their skills in planning programs to teach sustainable farming methods to people in other countries, as well as in their home country. They will plan crop rotations, marketing strategies, and reinvestment strategies.


Learning and Fitness

Nick Scott is a businessperson who also competes in Wheelchair Athletics and is a certified Master Trainer. He engages young audiences with his straightforward speaking style and interactive programs that involve everyone. He understands the business side of food production and marketing. FFA members receive a dual education from Nick. He emphasizes the importance of learning and fitness, motivating audiences and reigniting their enthusiasm for community service and sharing their ideas with farmers in the fields. The education these students receive will have a significant impact.

Rise Above the Rest

Nick has come a long way in his life, and he won’t allow anyone to quit. He speaks about the life-altering car accident that took his mobility, the day the fire ignited inside him, and he knew it was time for action. The audience will benefit from setting goals and planning with a man who consistently achieves his goals, no matter how ambitious they are. The FFA program with Nick is unique because students receive a lesson on nutrition with a focus on athletic nutrition. Nick’s diverse interests encompass a broad range of educational endeavors, making his program unlike any other. He shares the pain of depression, the pride in success, and the finer points of fundraising for the Wheelchair Bodybuilding Foundation. FFA members will learn goal-setting and immediately take action to achieve it.

The Fire in Everyone

Nick challenges FFA students to find new and better ways to raise livestock and grow crops. He motivates innovative thinking and demands that students act quickly, seizing opportunities before they disappear. Nick’s energy ignites the fire in each audience member to change the world and educate others about the power of the individual. The scope of change Nick motivates stems from his life and his ever-growing list of achievements.