High School


Lead by Example

High school students are at a critical point in their lives, where a single event can set them on the path to success or lead them towards failure. They may feel self-conscious, unmotivated, or insecure about their future. Having transitioned from childhood, they now stand on the cusp of adulthood. Many students, without having faced overwhelming challenges in their young lives, remain unaware of their full potential and the strength they hold within themselves. Making students aware of this inner strength and guiding them to reach their full potential fosters confident young adults better equipped to succeed in college and beyond.

Students often underestimate the value they bring to society and the importance of their visions for the future of the world. Imparting purpose and vision to students of all ages helps them understand the real impact they can make in the future. Working towards building knowledge, strength, and diplomacy to fulfill these important futures can sometimes overwhelm high school students. However, downplaying the significance of their future contributions does them a disservice and robs the next generation of the opportunity to reach their full potential. Setting young adults on the right path and equipping them with the necessary tools to move forward is second nature to Nick Scott. Nick helps students realize that at any moment, their lives can change forever.

Speaking Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Execution
  • Strategy
  • Success
  • Diversity
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship

Powerful Beyond Measure

Nick inspires through the story of his amazing journey. Nick faced near-death and the harsh reality of life confined to a wheelchair as a teenager. The dream that initially seemed so distant became a reality as Nick persevered. He blazed a trail through the unknown and welcomed others to follow him into the world of his dreams. Nick shares this journey with students, helping them understand the profound impact of decision-making on life.

Nick Scott delivers powerful messages that students need to embark on the right path in life. Through his motivational, leadership, and goal-setting insights, he empowers students to contribute to their communities and exhibit corporate leadership from day one. Nick equips students with the essential decision-making tools necessary for a successful life journey. Let Nick Scott assist in building teamwork skills and provide students with constructive developmental coaching to strengthen their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills early in their careers. His focus on empowerment and self-knowledge assists students in shaping their personal development. By combining the power of education with self-confidence, college graduates emerge with the strength, courage, and abilities to lead in any direction they choose.

Motivating Millions

Nick Scott brings his motivational talent, charismatic style, and incredible story to speaking engagements worldwide. At the age of 16, Nick was involved in a tragic automobile accident that robbed him of his mobility and nearly crushed his spirit. For several years, he battled depression and teetered on the brink of suicide. The day Nick Scott decided to take action to improve his life was the day the world gained a dynamic, passionate, motivating voice.

Face Challenges

When faced with a negative situation, students often wonder, “Why me?” However, the reality is, “Why not you?” Challenges are gifts bearing opportunities to learn. Problems are the common thread that runs through the lives of most great men and women. Adversity is simply their preparation for greatness. The challenges faced throughout life bring a greater appreciation of the good times in life. Without the challenge, victory does not exist.

Nick understands the mindset of students and easily establishes a friendly rapport. He helps students understand that associations are often the basis by which others judge them. If they associate with criminals, society will look at them as criminals as well. If they associate with student body leaders, society sees them as leaders.

Students will gain immediate benefits by learning how to take the principles Nick presents and use them in their everyday lives. This is extremely critical because successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly, while unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.


  • CEO / President / Founder, Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.
  • Global Promoter of Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Professional Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • 2-Time World Powerlifting Champion
  • Master Trainer – ISSA
  • Award-Winning Actor
  • Published Author
  • Real Estate Investor

Nick is eager to share his story with young people who are ready to embark on their life journeys but may have reservations about their abilities. Nick will dispel their fears of the future and explain how to succeed in the world and beyond.


Goal Planning

Students will understand and demonstrate effective goal planning strategies. They will set goals for their remaining time in high school and commence working towards them. Additionally, they will establish goals for college to promote achievement.


Upon completing the program, students will possess the ability to lead both their own lives and others for successful task completion. These emerging leaders will demonstrate active listening skills and the capacity to integrate diverse opinions into successful solutions.

Courage and Character

Audience members will demonstrate the courage to see their commitments through, even in the face of adversity. Students will navigate the challenges of adolescence without succumbing to temptations leading down dangerous paths.


The Impact of Personal Value

Nick Scott naturally equips young adults with the tools they need to forge ahead on the right path. Students often underestimate the value they bring to society and the significance of their visions for the world’s future. In his interactive programs, Nick instills purpose in students, emphasizing the importance of continuous progress toward their goals and the daily effort required to maintain the strength to succeed. Building the knowledge, strength, and diplomacy needed to fulfill their vital roles in the future can be overwhelming for high school students. However, neglecting the value of their future contributions does them a disservice and deprives the next generation of the opportunity to reach their full potential. Nick enlightens students about the fact that life-changing moments can happen at any time.

Goal Setting and Character

Let Nick Scott assist in molding young adults who look ahead and plan their journey toward their goals. Nick guides students in the constructive development of leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills early in their careers, making these tools second nature when opportunity knocks. His focus on empowerment and self-awareness helps students shape their personal development. By combining the power of education with self-confidence, high school graduates emerge with the strength, courage, and abilities to choose their own path.

Making the Best Decisions

Nick emphasizes the critical nature of effective decision-making, using his own story as a compelling reason for its importance. Students will immediately benefit from learning how to apply the principles Nick presents in their daily lives. This skill is exceptionally vital because successful individuals make decisions swiftly and change their minds slowly, whereas unsuccessful people tend to make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly. Nick recognizes the significance of education and the challenges some students face in completing it. With the ability to make informed decisions, students learn to weigh the benefits against potential losses before plunging into potentially perilous situations.