Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nick Scott & Arnold Schwarzenegger - 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Schwarzenegger Selfie

2012 Arnold Sports Festival Promo - Nick Scott at 3:40

2011 Arnold Sports Film Festival Overall Award

Dance Performance for Arnold Schwarzenegger

2009 Arnold Sports Festival Dinner


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing "Faded"

Eye of the Tiger

Try Everything

Messages From Celebrities

Many Celebrities

WCBB Chairman

Photoshoot Promo

Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing "Despacito"

No Easy Way Out

Holding Out For A Hero

Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing "Bailando"

It's My Life


Carmina Burana

Stronger - Time Magazine Wheelchair Bodybuilders Muscle Their Way to the Top

2017 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Promo

Barcroft TV - It’s About Giving Hope, Inspiration And Motivation

2014 Dallas Pro & NPC Texas State Promo

Becoming The Beast | Fitness 360

Nick Scott Training Promo

2012 Arnold Sports Festival Promo | Nick Scott at 3:40

Nick Scott Speaking Promo

Nick Scott - 30 Second Promo

2010 NPC Central Texas Showdown Highlights

2009 FitSciences Health Expo & Fitness Championships Promo - Nick Scott at 3:31

2008 Burn Machine Speed Bag - Shriners Hospital for Children

Behind The Scenes of Carnegie Entertainment