“Well, we are so grateful for the visit today just because of the positive messaging that our students got about overcoming challenges and never count themselves out and having an idea of where they want to move forward to so just a day full of energy and a lot of fun for our kids.”

Mitch Entler

North Middle School

Everett, Washington

“We just got finished hearing Nick Scott’s testimony and his story about perseverance and how his circumstances have how he hasn’t let his circumstances to find what he has turned his life into and it was just a very powerful story that our kids really enjoyed and hopefully they’ll be able to take a lot from it and apply it to their lives with their different situations and what all they face on a regular basis. So great speaker, great experience for our kids here today.”

Matt Reynolds
Dean of Students

George Walton Academy

Monroe, Georgia

“I really appreciate Nick Scott speaking today he absolutely charged our students and made them feel empowered to go out and take on any, any challenge they can face in the world Thank You Nick.”

Mary Hamlin
BCSC Transition Coordinator

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

Columbus, Indiana

“Nick’s message was awesome, he encouraged me to find ways to incorporate phys ed. We have some wheelchair-bound kids here at school and his message was inspirational got me excited and motivated to go out and find new ways to incorporate everybody in phys ed here at the school. So I appreciate what Nick did and his message was wonderful thanks Nick.”

Dain Ryckman

North Aurelius Elementary School

Mason, Michigan