“We had speaker Nick Scott out today to join us for young five to eight grade scholars. Today’s message was about gratitude and really persevering through anything that comes your way in life. Our students were really engaged had an amazing time and asked really thoughtful and deep questions so we’re really excited to have this chance for them and hope that we can continue those conversations with them so that they can have their best life.”

Melissa Nickel

Taylor Exemplar Academy

Taylor, Michigan

“We had Nick out today to speak to all our students that he did a great job explaining to them his life story and then all it was just a great wonderful assembly that really touched the kids and I think it really helped with our anti-bullying message here at the school and it was a good message that kids should all be nice to each other we’re all different but we’re all beautiful and great people.”

Michael Prelesnik

North Aurelius Elementary School

Mason, Michigan

“I work for the daily item in Sunbury, I cover Line Mountain, I come to these assembly alot, last year they had a other motivational speaker, this year, obviously Nick came, It was Great! the kids were really engaged I don’t think I’ve heard them this loud, it was deafening , you know, hands on the ears, just talking with some of the kids afterwards I think they really got it. That everyone different, everyone is special and it was a very awesome time to come out here and cover this.”

Justin Strawser
News Reporter – The Daily Item

Line Mountain Elementary School

Trevorton, Pennsylvania

“We just had Nick Scott come and do an assembly in our school for grades K through 8. It was amazing, he had the kids totally engaged he had two separate assemblies for age-appropriate and I was just so happy to see the kids seal on it and it really took to his message so I would absolutely recommend him.”

Leane Tully
Wanaque School PTA President

Wanaque School

Wanaque, New Jersey