“I Just got the opportunity to listen to Nick and tell about his inspirational journey, He really touch my heart, we has some similar backgrounds and I’m looking forward to everything that he has to do and how he’s going to be to share it with us in the future.”

Janet Riley
Assistant Superintendent of Merced County Office of Education

2020 CCSESA – Chief Business Officials Conference

Sacramento, California

“This assembly was so encouraging and uplifting for not only the students but the staff to see that life does go on and you’re beautiful and every, everyday you’re given to be who you are, you are a gift to this world and to be yourself and not be afraid to be yourselfand I get to work with a child who bring such joy to my life every day and so I feel blessed, and feel blessed being here at this assembly.”

Faith leiser
Teacher Aides – Life Skills

Line Mountain Elementary School

Trevorton, Pennsylvania

“Where Nick came to speak, speaking from the staff and pre-k. Speaking from personally what he said really hit me hard and in a good way and really kind of focused me off on some stuff that I need to help myself out with.”

Walter Sabine
Special Education Teacher

Groveton High School

Groveton, New Hampshire

“We had speaker Nick Scott out today to join us for young five to eight grade scholars. Today’s message was about gratitude and really persevering through anything that comes your way in life. Our students were really engaged had an amazing time and asked really thoughtful and deep questions so we’re really excited to have this chance for them and hope that we can continue those conversations with them so that they can have their best life.”

Melissa Nickel

Taylor Exemplar Academy

Taylor, Michigan