“Today we had Nick’s Scott our keynote speaker and it was great. He motivated the whole audience. I’ve got a lot of positive comments, so it makes us look great and it makes everybody motivated. There a lot of things that happen today a lot of people approached me and we’ve been telling you their own testimonials. So there looks very positive real great and makes us look good. We love the message and I think this is a great message for schools and many others should also listen to this message.”

Carlos Zamora
Senior Director of Imperial County Office of Education

2020 CCSESA – Chief Business Officials Conference

Sacramento, California

Eisenhower Middle School

Everett, Washington

“I want to tell everybody how great Nick was today, is inspiring he gave a great message on not giving up, everybody’s beautiful, be kind to everyone and always remember the Golden Rule treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Amy Young
4th Grade Teacher

Line Mountain Elementary School

Trevorton, Pennsylvania