“Thank you so much for coming! If you haven’t had a chance to hear him you need to, you must! He resonated with every single staff member and all of our students they flocked to him at recess! Everyone was waving and excited and his messages inspiring to the point where I started taking his quotes on my hand and had to get paper, long lasting focus on being true to yourself and having a great growth mindset.”

Michele Waddel

Evergreen Middle School

Everett, Washington

Groveton High School

Groveton, New Hampshire

“So we invited Nick Scott to come to our school to speak to our middle school students about grit, perseverance and continuing to try even when things get hard. I’m so excited that we got to invite Nick to our school because he customized his entire presentation to fit within our school and to reach our students during that time that he was here he was able to connect individually one-on-one with well over 600 to 700 students at my school today. It’s the impact that Nick brings to his presentations that really make the difference in having a lasting impression for every single one of my middle schoolers.”

Kelly Bell
Assistant Principal

Evergreen Middle School

Everett, Washington

“Today we had Nick’s Scott our keynote speaker and it was great. He motivated the whole audience. I’ve got a lot of positive comments, so it makes us look great and it makes everybody motivated. There a lot of things that happen today a lot of people approached me and we’ve been telling you their own testimonials. So there looks very positive real great and makes us look good. We love the message and I think this is a great message for schools and many others should also listen to this message.”

Carlos Zamora
Senior Director of Imperial County Office of Education

2020 CCSESA – Chief Business Officials Conference

Sacramento, California