“We just had Nick Scott speak for us and it was fantastic, definitely a man of many talents and a great humor. The speaking was really well geared for the middle school level. The life lessons, the messages I jotted down just a couple, a few of the messages. So that we can just you know repeat for the kids just to remind them of the information that Nick provided for them to continue working hard. It was fantastic message a great story great inspiration so he greatly appreciated that.”

Martin Nichols
Dean of Students

Sequoia Middle School

Thousand Oaks, California

“It was a fantastic transition event, the students were so enthused on a rollercoaster ride all the way through everybody was involved and had a great time, so way to go.”

Caroline Lomax
Columbia East High School

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

Columbus, Indiana

“I just want to say Nick put on a fantastic presentation for our students kindergarten through eighth grade. He hit on all sorts of great lessons embedded them within his energy and enthusiasm and our students loved it I recommend him to all students of all ages.”

Alyson Puzzo
Assistant Principal

Wanaque School

Wanaque, New Jersey

“We had the honor of having Nick Scott here come to visit our campus. He did an amazing job, the kids really enjoyed his program it was motivational it kept their interest and lots of interaction between him and the kids it was a great performance we hope to see him again in the future.”

Margaret Adame

St. Helen Catholic School

Pearland, Texas